Songs of Innocence and of Experience, version 1

A musical setting of William Blake's set of poems by the same title.

I originally conceived of this as being for a full SATB choir (with about 5-10 people per part) plus an instrumental octet, although this would have been impractical for me to arrange a performance of, so I had it performed with an amplified vocal octet (2 people per part) rather than a full choir. I made this decision partway through writing the work, so my approach to writing the vocal parts in this version was not consistent in terms of whether I was thinking of them as choral parts or as amplified solo parts. For version 2, I decided to commit to thinking of the vocal ensemble as a group of 6 amplified soloists, and write the parts accordingly.

I'm considering version 2 to be the "canonical" version of this work (once it's finished anyway), so I didn't hold the recordings of this version to as high a standard as I normally would, and their quality is a bit all over the place. Still, I think this version stands well enough on its own to justify giving it its own space on the website (rather than dumping it in the archives).









solo with backups

half ensemble

full ensemble

2 players

3 players

4 players

5 players

full octet

Part 1


Part 2


Performer credit

Movements 1 and 2 were recorded by the part 2 main performers.
Movement 7 was recorded by the part 1 substitute performers.
All other movements in part 1 were recorded by the part 1 main performers.
Part 2 was mostly recorded by the part 2 main performers, with a few parts of a few movements recorded by the part 2 substitute performers.
No, your ears don't deceive you, yes, I did change the lyrics in movement 27 to match the names of the singers :).

Soprano 1
Hannah Earl

Soprano 2
Maggie Timmer (part 1)
Lexi Galla (part 2)

Alto 1
Hannah Joseph

Alto 2
Alicia Renney (part 1)
Emilee Bodien (part 2)

Tenor 1
Levi Hamlin (part 1)
James Richardson (part 2)

Tenor 2
Shane Oakley (part 1 main)
Matt Hazel (part 2, part 1 substitute)

Bass 1
Jamal Epperson

Bass 2
Michael Peterman (part 1)
Jordan Thomas (part 2)

Rebekah Cain (part 1)
Bethany Hansen (part 2)

Lauren Lawler (part 1)
Michael Hudson-Casanova (part 2 main)
JJ Treadway (part 2 substitute)

Amy Head (part 1, part 2 main)
Zach Ploeger (part 2 substitute)

Nathan Haering (part 1)
Dominic Hayes (part 2)

Thomas Hanawalt (part 1)
John Robey (part 2)

Taylor Crow (part 1 main, part 2 main)
Brittany Harris (part 1 substitute)
Patrick Hartson (part 2 substitute)

Nick Conley

Stephanie Baird (part 1 main)
Justin Ortez (part 2 main)
JJ Treadway (part 1 substitute, part 2 substitute)